frequently asked questions

With a growing YouTube audience, I get asked certain questions A LOT! Thus far I’ve been trying to answer everybody individually, but it’s becoming a rather time-consuming job, so I figured it would be a good idea to answer the most frequently asked questions in FAQ vlogs. I filmed the first three today. You can find them below.

FAQ #1: Can you review this or that paint for me?

I get a lot of requests for paint reviews. There are so many gorgeous paint brands out there and yet I cannot review them all – much to my regret. Here is why…

FAQ #2: Why don’t you do details on pigments?

I sometimes get questions or complaints about not discussing watercolorpigments and chemical specifics in my paint reviews. I choose not to do that. And here is the reason why…

FAQ #3: Which paint should I buy?

Undoubtedly THE most asked question on my channel and in my mailbox…”Mandy, what paint do you think I should buy?” There is no straight and easy answer to this question. In this video I explain why not and  hope to give some information that is helpful to you in choosing your watercolor paint…

Watercolor workshops ahead!

I’m currently filming a new watercolor workshop that will appear this fall. It was the drying time of a project that I used to film these first three FAQ vlogs in! If you’re interested in my next course and want to be among the firs to find out about the launch and the early bird sale, then sign up for my newsletter here.

If you’re intersted in a lot of artistic variety in online workshops, you might like to know I’m teaching a watercolor workshop (and a really, really great bonus!!!! ssssshhhhttt….) in the year-long art journaling course Life Book 2017. You can find more about it behind the link!