In the midst of selling and buying a house, my friend Ingrid had invited me to a PLINT workshop yesterday. I didn’t quite know if I could clear my mind well enough to actually do something there, but the workshop was so good that I even forgot time and enjoyed myself to bits.

We wrote a few poems and in the afternoon we created some image around it.

The poem says:

“If you see the table cloth
And every fibre of it
Your head
Hangs way too low.”

I’m pleased with the result. I feel it might fit in with other PLINT poetry posters. I only wish I could have placed the text in using the computer because I don’t really like my handwriting nor the proportion of it. The workshop gave so much inspiration, however, that I think I’m going to use the little time that I have here and there right now, to journal with poems and images…it’s so doable!