Okay, so I worked my **** off today, but…taratatataaaaaa….I’m back on track! I’ve just finished the exercise we were supposed to do today…a fun one! Mindlessness…how blissful!

Now the same abstract instructions, but this time in colour!

Carla Sonheim‘s online drawing class is really awesome! I’ve never ever stuck to a drawing course before. They were never exciting enough. But Carla has managed to keep all her lessons accessible and spellbinding. It’s like being in kindergarten, playing with lines and colours again…no expectations, just experiencing and enjoying.

Ehrm, no, Carla isn’t paying me to say this. The worksheets may seem simple, but being a teacher myself, I suspect that there is a brilliant teacher on the other end of the ADSL cable. I can’t put my finger on the spot, but something about her worksheets, just make me feel all excited. They’re all very motivating and funny. And I also like it that she kept her online class accessible by keeping the cost so friendly. The course is worth way more! Should you wish to partake in her class, I believe it’s not yet too late! I can’t decide for you, but if you are doubting whether or not to do it, then do it! You won’t regret it!!! I don’t and that’s a really HUGE testimony from an art class dropout!!!