Yay! Party! Wow, what a nice wake-up mini-event! I checked the mail and saw that I have won a prize in Carla Sonheim’s Silliness part II course!!! With yesterday’s assignment! I’m so glad! Especially glad because I’m working hard to become an illustrator and this was a really nice assignment to practice! I think I’m going to do more.

Can’t wait to get started on today’s assignment and I hope I will find the time to do it, for my girls have a micro-vacation today as the school is closed. The teachers are out on a teachers’ training. So, I might just get my girls involved in doing some silliness!

Yesterday evening I watched a very impressive movie called Pan’s Labyrinth. It’s about a girl close to a leader of the facist regime of Franco in Spain. It’s a fantasy movie that interweaves the horrors of the fascist regime (and that of a sadistic captain in particular) with the imaginary world of a young girl. It’s not a movie for the weak hearted. But it is so beautiful. The art direction of the movie is superb as is the gorgeous creation of the little girl’s fantasy world. The make-up, the costumes, the set…it’s all so well carried out and full of atmosphere. The horrors that take place are not shown in a sensational way to evoke as much emotion as possible. I’d even say that they were portrayed with an emotional distance. For those with sensitive tear tubes like mine, make sure you have cleenex ready for the finale and best leave the lights out for a quarter of an hour or so, because this movie is going to make you think. This is one you don’t get up and walk away from easily. But it is so, so very beautiful! This is a DVD definitely worth hiring!!!