Wow! Organising an art and craft fair is so much fun. But a lot of work as well. This evening my friend Amber and I together with our hubsies worked on making goodybags and assigning places. It was a lot of work, but with such good friends it was as much pleasure.

I took some pics of the goodies on my studio table! You should have smelled it! Making soap chains to scent your home is of fashion these days…well, I bet my studio has a lovely scent tomorrow! Great, because I’m going to work very hard then. I have come up with a great idea that needs just that bit of extra work…I’ll show you tomorrow. Promise!

Now we’re going to take our dogs out and then I’m going to try and catch some dire sleep. Because I’ve been having way too little of that, lately. I must be careful that somebody doesn’t move into the bags under my eyes! That’s how big they are!

So…counting down…two days to go; three nights…hmmm, yeah, that means I should be able to catch up with a little night rest. And some hard work during the days! I’m all for it!