Sometimes, when your head’s really crammed with thoughts and when all kinds of feelings are surging through your body, it can be helpful to draw a wordless page. When you think of drawings that will symbolize all those feelings and thoughts, it helps calm you down. It won’t solve anything or make any decisions for you. But it allows the energy to sink down from your head and into your body, down to earth. Symbols are very powerful to us and conceiving your own, is a very important aspect of Journaling. They diminish the distinction between thinking and feeling and bring us to an intuitive wisdom. Peace. Inside ourselves. (And in the process, don’t be surprised when decisions come on their own. Because when you’re in touch with your intuition, decision making isn’t that hard anymore.)

Today I spent a good while drawing my own wordless page. Most of the time was taken up by conceiving my own symbols. Click here for a bigger version.

If you decide to do a wordless page, then try to give up any aspiration for a pretty picture. The idea is that this page tells your story. It’s more important to focus on that story than to focus on aesthetics.

Now, what are symbols that mean anything to you? And what symbols can you conceive for important aspects of your life?