Part 3 of my Windows 7 experience.

So, I thought I’d outwitted windows this morning. Well, no. Once it had woken up, the updates started again automatically. With all consequences. Bummer!

This this afternoon I did another system restore to a moment much, much earlier on and then turned off automatic updates. I also didn’t download the Firefox media player update, for updating that automatically switched on automatic updates and gave problems. And windows has been working “properly” for over 3 hours now! Yay!

So, if you want windows to function, switch off all it’s supposed to do and you’re safe!


Why I post such boring posts? Because I want to make a statement here. I feel there’s a strong injustice in the monopoly position of Microsoft. They’re so big that they don’t care that they release unfinished software. They release dozens of updates shamelessly and they get away with it. Apple should seriously consider lowering their prices and software producers for Apple should consider doing the same. If they do that, I bet Microsoft will lose territory. I’m not saying Apple’s holy. By no means. But seriously. The problems I encountered in a week after installing a legal (!!!) version of Windows 7 and the amount of them is ridiculous! Hilarious if I hadn’t paid for it and wasn’t depending on my system to work and be my lifeline right now. I suspect any other system will do better than that.

Linux? Yes, I could opt for the dual boot system. But I’m not enough of a wizwoman yet to fully know what to do. And I’m not sure files made under Linux are interchangeable with files made under Windows and if file exchange is possible. Or if you can run stuff like Skype. So at this point in time Linux is not yet interesting to me. I haven’t got the time to get into it. It might be a cheap option, though. But I want to spend my time drawing, painting and writing instead of becoming a  wizwoman.