It is unbelievable how wild the wind of life can be. I’m surprised every time how it rages through the lives of people and how it rocks everybody’s boats. And thinking of myself I’m most surprised how often my plans are blown away in the storm, or covered with the sand blown over it. The past few weeks have been hectic, to say the least. A lot of wind blew from all directions at once. Maybe it was that time of year. A friend told me how a healer had told her that the universe was in disarray. Well, let’s hope it’s all back to normal now because I quite like ‘normal’. [to those who know me…I mean ‘my normal’, not the norm’s normal ;-)]

I have learned to accept that sometimes plans must wait for the storm to pass. And so I sit and seek silence. Sometimes I meditate in literal silence and at other times I seek the quiet in tangles or mandalas. Today I watched a documentary about C.G. Jung and seeing how imporant mandalas were to him inspired me to toy with one of my drawings and created a merry Mandyla:

I’m very inclined to let you in on the resolutions that I made while the storms were raging, but I’m also learning that perhaps I’d better keep my plans to myself until I have something swell to offer. So for now I’m leaving you with this new Mandyla. I love how the outer shapes look like foeti in utera, twins…a lot of them. It reminds me of Jung’s conscious and unconscious and how the two are really one. In the middle shapes that remind me of sea turtles are moving to that green centre, which is symbolizes the nature of the universe. Turtles are also a symbol for the earth in some Indian cultures and play a big role in the mythology around the forming of the earth, which in its turn refers to the birth theme in the foeti in the second row.

And yes, all of this is reasoning in hindsight. The Mandyla was there first, my story second. But the moment I created my Mandyla, the story was there too. But I so like how it all ends up working!