…I took a ride with her online tutorial

Such fun! All in my watercolor Moleskine Notebooks. Happy with them?…Well, they work fine. But when I took pics of my drawings, I suddenly noticed this:

The paper  bleeds! And not even watercolor…this was color pencil, marker and lastly a very thin layer of fixative. Totally unhappy with that. Because this means the paper in the Moleskine Watercolor Notebooks is of poor and cheap quality. Never before have I encountered this phenomon with 200g/m2 watercolor paper. Sure, I’ll work my way around it, or use it to my benefit, but a 16 euro notebook of this size should hold better quality paper.

But what can yo expect of a product made in China? Or at least, I think I read somewhere that all Moleskines are made in China.

I guess I’m a sucker for good paper! And I guess I’ll be binding my own books again once my studio’s finished.