I’m replacing ponds… 
And catching all the frogs to move them to our new pond this weekend…we have 15! Some bigger than my hand!

Isis is helping out too! Here we’re already pumping the water out of the pond. We’ve removed all the plants, which was a huge job since the former owners of our house hadn’t kept it well. So the roots were all woven into a mat about 40cm thick over the entire surface of the bottom of the pond. It weight tons! We had to cut it into smaller parts.

Silke was watching from a distance…posing here so beautifully under the apple tree….so idyllic! Isn’t she gorgeous?

Isis is watching the pump…
The frogs are completely stressed in their temporary homes. Some have escaped. But the big ones don’t fit through the mazes of the mesh that I covered their container with. I hope they don’t get so stressed that they die. They can go to their new pond tomorrow or Saturday. Fingers crossed.

In the background the hubs is working on another project…that we need to carry out simultaneously….

He is making a vegetable garden. The soil for which we’re going to use from digging a massive hole in the ground for the much larger pond. We needed somewhere to pile up the soil…and we wanted another vegetable / herb patch…well, this evening we do! Behind the workmate, you can see the apple tree that has blossomed enormously. It’s going to carry lots of apples, maybe more even than last year. We trimmed it well. Behind it is a pear tree as well…but they fall easily with a little wind. 
We’re hoping for dry weather tomorrow. So that we can finish this job this weekend.