Mixed Media Journal page: “Which shall we choose?”

This Mixed Media Journal Page was severly influenced by the work of Dawbis, and by this work in particular since it gave me a very nice composition I liked to take as a starting point, containing the objects of my every thoughts at the moment: Houses. I loved how I could transform Dawn’s figure into my own pondering self, having trouble choosing which house I love best. I ran into her work on AnnaDenises blog. And I love the crisp colors and clean shapes and compositions…it’s something I could never maintain as a style, but it contains elements I can sure use for my journal pages…

The houses on my page are paper pieced together and are all pretty good images of the actual houses that are our favorite three at the moment…which one do you like best? Hehe, be ware! Before you know it, I might be asking YOU which house we should choose…hehe.

Our own house is doing pretty good! It was immensely popular last Saturday when we had our Open House. Ten couples came to view our house and they were all very positive and seriously interested. It felt more like a party than a major effort to sell our house!!! So, fingers crossed…!