Yesterday I went to the sea with my girls. Besides bunches of shells, I found this. But what is it? I’ll post a bunch of pics…anyone who can tell me what it is, is welcome to…

Seen from this angle, you can see what I thought was a fin…a shark fin, my eldest exlaimed… But that little spade on the front, the thing that stick out to the front, reminds me of a part you find in roast chickens…near the breast. Could it be from a chicken…where the breast in separated in half? But be assured. This is no bone structure. It feels like dried cartilage, parchment-like. Not at all like bone.

See the teeth-like structure? It’s loops that may have held blood vessels and sinews. Tendons, even. Was this attached to a jaw? Or was is the chest-part containing the gills of a fish? In which case the top construction would really be a dorsal fin.

The other side.

Look how thin it is! This suggests it must have been of a very light animal…a bird, in which case I suspect it’s a chest-part. Or a slick fish.

So, I don’t know what this is, but am deeply fascinated by the fin-like construction and am inviting you to help me out or ponder along…any ideas or information is welcome!