Did some shopping today…but not behind my computer as in the past days. I went to an actual shop…the local bookstore…and here’s my loot:

Do you know Correspondances postcards? They’re soooooo lovely! Especially those by Gaëlle Boissonnard, Marie Cardouat, Marie-Anne Foucart, Muriel Kerba, and Mila.  Or at least, that’s what I think! I love them so much that I’d love to have a whole wall covered with them. But so far I’ve only been buying them to send to everybody else! (So, if you ever want to send me a card…..) Last week I forgot my friend’s birthday, so I feel I have to make up for it with this lovely lady…mea culpa!

Then there’s an 2H and an HB pencil since I actually packed my hard pencils and the smudging of my 3B pencils began to annoy me. So, 2 new ones.

And then the three books…

I actually set off for an 18-month moleskine to journal in. Do you know AnnaDenise’s wonderful Daily Moleskine Journals? They’re so colourful and lovely! Running into them on the internet a few years ago, I felt really inspired to go and purchase a Moleskine diary to journal in. I love my handbound watercolor journals, but I really liked the idea of having a whole row of exactly the same journals on a bookshelf in a few decades time. But boy, did I feel let down by the quality of the paper! Moleskine lined paper is soooo thin. And cheap. That is, taking into consideration the price of the little books.

Not only did it bleed with my watercolours; it was also unfriendly to writing with a fountainpen or markers.

Then AnnaDenise posted a tutorial about how she journals. (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) Right. Had to sort out how she managed to stop the bleeding from one page to the next. Watercolor pencil! That gave a slightly greasy basis that stopped the bleeding and seemed to do the trick for her. I bought another Moleskine diary and tried the watercolor pencil layer, and indeed, it helped. But was I persistent enough to apply thick layers of watercolor pencil to every page? And…did I want to invest in copic markers to enhance colour depth? And lovely though AnnaDenise’s journal pages are, they are her style…mine’s totally different. I wasn’t really comfortable with applying her technique one on one to my own journal. I love working with different styles and different media all the time and since this technique and gessoing each page seem to be the only ways to stop the bleeding, I put aside the Moleskine journals and never gave them a third chance.

But, a little while ago, I discovered a top-notch new technique, simply by experimenting, that allows me to paint on ANY surface without bleeding or bubbling. Ha! Moleskine diary could now be bought and filled in.

So, this morning I set off to the local bookstore to get myself that diary. But when I opened it and felt the pages a bit, I felt immediately disappointed again by the lack of thickness and sturdiness of the pages. But then I noticed the watercolor Notebooks…ha! I was allowed to touch and fumble a page and decided to have two of those for the summer.

And just as I headed for the pay desk, my eye fell on the Paperblanks 18-month diary right next to it. Almost same price, but such better quality paper! And them butterflies? I can live with them…even like them in a way. Okay, the vertical format of the weeks didn’t allow for big paintings, but with Geninne’s diary pages in my mind (such as this one), I decided to go for that and make the diary more of a daily memories book.

I’m still chewing on the Moleskine diary idea. But I think starting off with one-page-per-week isn’t too bad for me. If I do well with this paperblank, I think I can move on to the Moleskine in January…using my non-bleeding new technique…(that I may tell you about later).