Readers with kids will understand how it affects me as a parent what happens to my kids. That I don’t have much time nor energy left for creative stuff. I try, sometimes. But I can’t put my mind to it. If I want to relax, I read. My hands simply don’t cooperate with my mind right now. My body is full of stress and I can’t take my mind off my children.

BUT! It’s going to change! I think I might get back to work soon.

Last Friday we visited two other schools. We went with mixed emotions. Because our own school had recently really made an effort to make things better. We thought that if things would improve there, we might not have to take our children away from there.

But we were blown away by the first school! In the first place it was a very well-organized school, far ahead with learning methods and extra curricular activities. With ample space for faster learning kids to work at their own pace. And not just on paper, but we saw clear evidence of it in every classroom. It was fantastic! And then the social climate! In many ways it resembled our former school back in Oss. And even when I tried to pinpoint some weak points of the school, the principal admitted to them, but showed me that all those points are being worked on seriously and are not weak points anymore at all. And what they do with bullies? Expell, if necessary. It is not accepted.

Turns out we know a few people whose kids are on this school, so we checked. And guess what? It wasn’t just promises. The school really acts quickly and efficiently. In matters of bullying, in matters of social unsafety…in every way. It is such a well organised school that they can take a blow and deal with it in a good way!

And it has such a comfy feel to it!

Now, if we had had any doubts left, they would have been erased today. For today we cycled over to that school with our kids. To take  a quick look; to make it less abstract for them. And we decided to peep inside. And guess what! Some teachers were there, amongh which Nevynn’s future teacher! It was Sunday, and due to upcoming festivities, she was there for a quick fix for something…but she kindly invited us in. She let Nevynn take a look in the classroom and welcomed her warmly! She even offered for us to take Nevynn there this Monday. Well, that we cannot do, for we have to do this the official way. But it will not be long.

So, we are moving our children to a new school. And it feels so good in every cell of our bodies. Even the children are with us. You would expect that they’re really scared of going to yet another new school in such a short period of time, especially after their bullying experiences. But on the contrary. Now that they’ve seen the school and were so kindly welcomed, they can’t wait to go.

They’ve a few heavy days ahead of them. Because we’ve asked them not to talk about it yet. We’ve got an appointment with the principal of our current school on Tuesday evening and then we’ll drop the bomb. After that the kids can speak of it freely. We had initially planned to transfer the kids after X-mas, but we’re now aiming for next week. The quicker the better, for they both don’t want to go back to their old school anymore.

And since I’ve been told that Nevynn’s biggest bully, the one that kicks her so hard every time, is planning on beating her up this week, I’ve decided not to let the kids stay at school for lunch anymore. I’m picking them up every day to have lunch at home. I don’t want to run the risk of another encounter between her and that asshole kid (I’m sorry, I know the kids can’t help it because he’s a problem child who would normally have been in a psychiatric children’s institution, but cannot be there because the government has ruled kids like him out as being ‘normal enough’- well, ask Nevynn how normal he is…but I can’t stand the sight of him anymore and if I ever catch him hurting my child again, I don’t think I’ll be able to keep my calm anymore.). I want Nevynn to be able to go to school feeling calm and safe.

So, the upcoming week will probably be a week of driving back and forth to schools, for I hope we can visit the new school and perhaps even get the kids to be there for a whole day this week already. A try-out, so to speak. And I really, really hope they can start there next Monday. Please, keep your fingers crossed for them. Once school knows our kids are moving away, I’m afraid they will be out of grace, with the teachers and the kids and I don’t know how long they can take that. But if things get really ugly, I’m keeping them home with me. I’m so angry about the whole situation that I dare anyone to forbid me that. But…I don’t think it will get to this. The principal at the new school was sympathetic to the problem and if I explain about that bully’s plans, I think he will agree that it’s best they come as quickly as possible. I just so hope it’s possible really soon!!!

So glad we’ve been able to make such a difficult decision wholeheartedly. But so nervous for this week. My husband was with me last Friday. But I will have to face the rest of the music on my own since my husband is going through the heavy end-of-the-year motions at work and cannot take a day off anymore. But he’s coming Tuesday evening. Although I’m not afraid of the bad news talk with the principal. I’m more afraid of the reactions of the kids and the teachers once they know our children will go.

Note to self: fingers crossed and keep calm….