And finally we have begun organising and getting into action for the big move! A mountain of empty and unfolded cardboard boxes crowds our living room. And to think it’s only a third of all the boxes we’ll need!!!

Tomorrow I’ll compose a survival art kit. I’m going to do something very exciting…I’m going to limit myself to certain art supplies until my studio is finished!!! Am I not a brave girl??? I consider it a very brave thing for I love to have EVERYthing at hand and find it utterly frightening to put the rest into boxes, out of reach. But, this afternoon already, I noticed that having a limited array of supplies results in more creativity. All my art stuff’s upstairs already and I wanted to do something artsy, so I took my camera and went filming outside…and I’ve made some really lovely captures that will each make a lovely and interesting background as well as the source for some……oh well, I’m going to show you when it’s done. Because I don’t intend to live my life artless in the coming months…hell no!

Going through my books, I ran into a lovely magazine for teens. It may be especially interesting for Dutchies since it’s in Dutch, but it’s a revolutionary magazine in many, many ways. It has a unique design and content. It’s as much informative as it is a place where authentic feelings and thoughts find a place. It’s about the thoughts that teens have on their minds. And not just diets, hooking up with a boy/girl and fashion. This magazine also gives space to filosophic ideas, the deeper thoughts about and behind sexuality, getting to know yourself and a wide range of topics that people and teens in particular think about. It is expensive, but awesome! It’s not very new, but if you don’t know this yet, it is really worth getting a copy…this is a magazine you can read in for days!!!

If you click on the image above, you’ll be taken to the DUF community. Which has a very interesting visual blog for all languages!!!