Dear readers,

today I have something really nice to start the New Year with, a giveaway! But before I start, I want to wish everyone a very inspired and colorful 2019, of course!

Unboxing request

A few weeks back I was asked if I’d like to unbox a Watercolor studio kit and give away two. I was a bit hesitant at first because I always work with artist grade paints myself. Not out of snobbery, but because artist grade paints each have their own character, which I use to create my art. The more affordable paints don’t have the characteristics I’m referring to.

“The landscape seemed barren and unhospitable, but who stood to listen, could hear it whisper a story of times long forgotten.”

Affordable paint for starters

But should I always just review artist grade paints then? Pigments are interesting, of course, but making art doesn’t require the most expensive supplies at all. And besides, the amount of questions I get about more affordable paint alone, says ‘no’ too. When you start out painting, what matters, is to become familiar with the joy of painting and to learn the feel of water and color. That doesn’t require artist quality at all. In fact, pigments will only confuse and probably frustrate beginners. But that being said, you also don’t want to start with a set from the toy store. There is a difference between affordable paint and garbage. Art supplies need to work well, feel comfortable and ooze color.


So I took a look at this watercolor studio kit and the first impression on their website was good. The instruction video looked inspiring and the paint didn’t seem too bad at all, but really nice affordable paint instead. So, I did the unboxing. As you will know from me by now, the video is a bit wordy, so I’ll stop talking here, so that you can watch the video. But not before I let you know how you can partake in the giveaway.

Giveaway Instructions

Simply leave a comment below this blogpost BEFORE 30 January 2019.
Preferably with a username that links to somewhere I can contact you or an e-mail address or something. Or…keep an eye on my blog and YouTube channel, because on that day I will post who the winners are. I will draw the two winners at noon CET, so Amsterdam Time.


  • Intro talk until 9:48
  • Unboxing at 9:49
  • Swatching and first experience at 23:32