Today I recorded a video about the unpacking and first actions I perform with any new paints that I buy. This video features the brand Pébéo, type Aquarelle Fine watercolour paint.

I intended to do just a simple and quick video about the rituals and routines I have developed around new art supplies. But during my video I quickly noticed a thing or two about the paint that lead to an unexpectedly early partial review of this watercolour paint. Therefore this video takes “a little” longer than I’d intended… 🙂

I will make similar, but shorter videos of the same unpacking and initiation ritual for both the Daler and Rowney Aquafine and the Sennelier l’Aquarelle. I’m looking forward to the latter most because that paint’s been tempting to me for years…and now I finally got my hands on it, yay!

Next week I will film demos in the shape of art journal pages with each of these three paints and I will in addition give a thorough and full review of the paint as I did for other brands previously.

See you then!