Carla Sonheim is doing a re-run of her Fairy Tale illustration course that I was in two years ago. First-run students were invited to join in again – which I happily did, because the first time I didn’t manage to keep up…and there’s plenty for me there to learn…and plenty assignments I still want to do!

Video Tutorial “Princes and Princesses”

Yesterday I got some nice comments and questions about a sheet of simple princes and princesses I had painted. I promised to do a video tutorial…and here it is! It is one way of approaching a design-your-own-princess attempt and loosening up the hands…


Supplies needed

– 1 sheet of watercolor paper at least A4 size (I do the tutorial on a small scrap piece of paper, but do it on a larger sheet and it will look fabulous!)
– watercolor set; any starter set will do – I use the colors: madder lake, yellow ochre, raw sienna, scarlet, sepia and mars brown, but you can experiment with other shades of red/pink/beige and brown.
– white gouache
– gold gouache (a warm tone if you have a choice)
– watercolor brushes medium and fine- graphite pencil with sharp tip or mechanical pencil, preferably 2B
– red color pencil

Carla Sonheim’s Fairy Tale Summer

For those who are looking for online illustration courses, I can highly recommend this Fairy Tale course. It is very intense (I never zeem to manage to finish the assignments within the given time – which is probably heavily due to my own fidgeting with too much detail) but without a doubt the best online illustration course I have seen thus far. We’ve only just started, so you could still join…