Still diggin’ for gold
A Christmas Card with golden elements…that requires the maximum amount of sparkle, right? The mica’s I tried this week were pretty fantastic. But when a YouTube viewer reminded me of a metallic powder by Schmincke, it hit me I had one of those bottles in a drawer somewhere, waiting for daylight.

Schmincke Tro-Col-Bronze: sonethin’ else!
I found this enormously sparkly rich golden bronze powder on the Book Art Fair in the Pieterskerk in Leiden that I visit every year. It must have been years ago that I ran into this powder that tickled my imagination. And still I never used it. The reason is: I didn’t really know how. On the bottle it says: “Bronze powder with dry gouache binding medium. Add water to obtain brilliant bronze colour.” So, my first attempts were powder+water. The result was sparkly, allright. But not at all as workable as I’d expected. The consitency wasn’t what I had expected. It was brittle and flaky. How to use that?

Interactive learning
So now, years later, I felt challenged to try using it again. It must be possible to use such sparkle in my work. I just needed to find out HOW! YouTube to the rescue! I found a video by Rick Adkins in which he showed how he turned this wonderful powder into gouache paint with gum Arabic. So simple!

I got out my gum Arabic, my powder, a palette knife, a brush, some paper and my camera and did this review. And guess what? It is actually pretty fantastic! The result is the goldest golden I’ve seen so far and true metallic. It doesn’t work as smooth as the FineTec pearl paint. And I don’t think you can use it with a nib. But for applying it to a painting with a brush, it is simply fantastic!

Can it pan?
I made quite a bit of paint. First to try it out myself and then for the review. I put it in a little jar, hoping to be able to use it once it’s dried up. So now I’m waiting to see if I can use it like I would use paint from a pan. I sure hope so. For if this works as I hope it will, this paint will sure show up in my work to come!