Who doesn’t need a bit of sparkle from time to time?

Golden must feel like gold
We’re always looking for the sparkliest metallic gold and silver paints, aren’t we? Because what’s more disappointing than to find your “metallic” paint only comes close to being pearlescent? Nothing wrong with pearlescent, but if you want that really metallic feel to your work, you need that bit extra.

A quest
In the past years I’ve been recording all my golden paints and inks to see which one was best. And unfortunately the most metallicy kind of metallic paint was one that has solvents in it. Beautiful, but potentially deadly for your work. So not a really good idea for a commission and not for a journal either since it will bleed on the backside of the paper.

For gold we do pretty much anything
So, what do you do when you get a Christmas Card commission? Exactly! You look around for golden and silver paints you didn’t know yet. And that’s how I ran into Finetec. The opacity and metallic look of it that I saw in demo videos made me get over the fact that I had to order it in Spain through ebay because I couldn’t find it anywhere in my own country and that it is not exactly a cheap paint. But hey…we’re talking silver and gold here!

Video review
In this video I show the unpacking and first impressions of this paint and I also compare it to the Silver and Gold Schmincke Horadam watercolor paints that I already had and that turn out to be better than I remembered…


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