New computer installed…and I can’t begin to tell you what a relief it is to have a computer that actually WORKS!!! Can you believe the thrill that I feel when it does what I want it to do?!?!?! Couldn’t be any more chuffed! I actually have a working printer and scanner now!

BUT…ain’t there always a ‘but’ waiting around the corner? Although this ‘but’ is really great, actually…’cause new computer means getting down to some serious business and do some serious catching up. Not that I haven’t been keeping myself busy lately, but I got a little sidetracked. Well, no more, for there’s tons of ideas that need working out. There’s classes and workshops to prepare, there’s online classes to prepare, there’s illustrations to make and get assignments, there’s a gazillion sketchbooks waiting to be filled, another sketchbook project to be carried out and two exchange journal assignments to be done and two cute little girls to be coached into running their own little journal exchange project. Yep, the busy bee is taking off and buzzing this afternoon. And I thought I’d get started with some loose and relaxing collage techniques. To get them fingers back to the feel of work…hehe.