This post goes without photos because I simply cannot capture all of it in photos. Unless I’d post about a hundred of them.

Moving house, to me, is like tearing down walls to find pieces of reality around me, laying bare pieces of my life that I had carefully tucked away. Now, I don’t even mean dramatic or emotional things. On the contrary!

In all these years of developing myself into a new direction, I have made one huge mistake. Not one I cannot make undone, but huge nonetheless. Literally huge! In all my ambition I wanted to become something. And in the slow process of evolving a new side of myself and gaining confidence, I was rash to purchase everything I thought I needed to be what I wanted to be. And consequently, I bought way too much!

In the beginning it was great to have so much stuff in my studio that I could work with! If I needed a present for somebody? Well, I’d always have good stuff lying about to make something stunning! Was I invited by another art fair? No problem!  I had so much stuff lying about that I could easily make ample artefacts to fill a market stall with in a few weeks’ time.

But then, as I moved on, the stuff began to weigh upon my shoulders. I no longer used so much stuff since I gained more and more focus on drawing and painting. Oh, and binding my own journals. But all the rest…..I tucked it away as much as I could. And last spring I began to sell some things. For outsiders it seemed like a massive sale. But I knew all to well it was only the tip of the iceberg.

And now the rest of the iceberg lies around my neck like an albatross. And will be until I melt it down. And that’s heavy work! So, after an entire week in my attic, I think I’ve moved out half the stuff that’s in there. But I’ve put too much in moving boxes! I don’t need all that I packed. So, waking up this morning, I suddenly realised I have to unpack half of it and give it another destination. I have tons of fabric and knitting yarn that I could possibly give to a creativity center in an old people’s home. To keep them lasses busy. And perhaps I’m selling a thing or two if I get a good price for it. To h