I have tried really hard to work as much colour into my pages as I possibly can. I long so much for sunlight…summer…a tender summer breeze. It seems so gloomy under the grey clouds…fitting the sad events here, but I’m done with it…I want to move on and feel renewed energy.

So I started out with a really colorful page…

I made a paper mosaic with colourful pieces of paper, some with texture. Then I gave it a thin layer of tissue that I painted with diluted acrylics to gain some coherence. Here’s a detail:

I love the sheen that the gel medium leaves behind (you can also use Mod Podge)…and the texture of the shrivelled tissue paper.

I then painted a frame around the edge of the spread…black lines that I filled in with fluid white acrylics…a wavy checkerboard pattern. While that dried, I painted a face with watercolour onto a seperate piece of watercolour paper. I was really trying to work on a happy face. But here’s where the gloom seeped up onto the surface…the face turned out worrisome. Perhaps appropriately reflecting my mood here with the past events. The outlines were done with India ink. Then I cut out the face and glued it onto my page.

Meditating upon the expression in the face, I decided I’d let the wind blow messages into her hair…so I painted flying hair in heavy wind…

And then finally I added my words…my diary…my journal message…today’s atmosphere. I wrote randomly, so it takes some persistance to read my story. But then again…when I look at this page, I immediately know what it’s about…it’s everywhere…in the colours…in the face, in the wind, in the texture, in the sheen. I love working in my journal this way as the layers all contain a piece of the story.

I’m satisfied, but on the other hand I feel hungry for more! Can’t wait to start on the next spread!!!