In the midst of clearing out our house and doing the finishing touches, we’re going to take a look at a few houses this afternoon…househunting!!! It’s so exciting.

This was my first journal page in weeks…it will be in the Sketchbook Project Sketchbook. it was great fun doing the page, but like playing the piano I feel it’s rather useful to exercise and draw EVERY day…and after a few weeks without any line on the paper, I was totally clumsy. The lines didn’t feel so good…and my choice of colours is totally horrible…but that’s everything to do with my already having put most of my supplies in my attic studio and having to work with a limited color scheme in my downstairs work room. But next time I might fly up those stairs for some decent colors!

So…now first I’m off to welcome a new little baby boy into this world and be amazed at how small them little babies really are…that mine were EVER that small…I KNOW they were, but I also already know that when I see that little man, I’ll be surprised and amazed at the same time too!

And when I’ve pulled myself away from the cosiness of a new family member with lovely baby smell, I have to pick up my kids from school and drive to the West, drop my own kids off and start hunting a few houses! One of which might really stand a good chance…so, fingers crossed!