So, I had a little accident with the cabinet door this morning, right?

It didn’t look so bad and I thought I’d just take some rest and things would pass pretty quickly.

Alas…after I’d sat down (watching a really nice BBC series, by the way: “The Way We Live Now”), I noticed that the hand that was near the wound in my head was wet. O-oh!

My wound had begun to bleed again…so, I had to pack my kids in the car and rush to see if my head needed stitching after all. Well, fortunately the wound wasn’t very deep, but the cut wasn’t fine and straight, but a straight corner. And that, the doctor said, won’t heal easily by itself. Fortunately  needles and thread weren’t required to fix me. He used a skin glue to keep both sides of my skin together and stop the bleeding. So, now I’m walking about with a very ugly lilac dot on the back of my head. And worst of all: I can’t shower or wash my hair for 4 days!!! Bleh!

But with bad things good things often come about…and it did. My parents travelled 100 miles to be with me and help me out with the household and grocery shopping. They didn’t think it would be so good an idea for me to rush about today. And since my head is still a bit groggy and misty, I didn’t even consider objecting to so kind an offer. Today I’m a spoilt little brat!!! Floored by my own little brat (who pushed the cabinet door open just as I bent under it……..mean critters, they are, them kids…hehehe)