Journal page: “Pod” – acrylics on paper
Yay! I’m going to cocoon!
Just withdraw in my cosy little pod.
Reset my self.
Sometimes it’s just so good to be away from hyperactive social media,
to shut the door to those impulses for a little while.
The only online place I’ll be,
is going to be my blog
(and I will click the icons below my new blogsposts through to facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest
to let you know there’s a new post.)
I will just not hang out on those media for a bit.
I’m going to withdraw in this little pod called my blog.
I’m going to be working hard
and I’m hoping to show some of that work every day
Journal page: “Crossroads” – ink on paper
I did this before, a social-media timeout,
and it brought so much space and time to work…
Managed to get a huge amount of work done during reset.
There’s lots of watercolours to be made…
Can’t wait to get started!!!
And should you need me in the mean time,
you can always e-mail me!