What is time when you’re bored or waiting for something?

What is time on a day where you have to do a thousand things when there’s only time for a hundred?

What is time when you see your children grow up so quickly?

Here’s a pic of my daughter Isis that I took exactly 4 years ago. In it, I see her beauty and the wonderful person that she is. But I also feel time pressing. It’s moving too quickly.

We’re still working hard. I’m doing everything at the same time…the household, cooking, painting, performing chemical magic on the rash that our shower walls had, cutting brushes back to allow more light into our study, cutting brushes back to show that we actually have a tiny driveway/parking place for one car…

I complain a lot about hard work. But if I’m really honest, I’m quite good at it. I’m quite the centipede when it comes to working my butt off. I can do loads of things at a time.

I was just listening to an audio book by Wayne Dyer and Byron Katie, Making Your Thoughts Work for You. And even though it’s all common sense and old knowledge, it was good to be reminded. Because the frustrated thoughts that come with such big changes and that I was having lately didn’t really work for me, or for anyone else. And insanely enough, my frustrated thoughts were lies I was telling myself. For instance, I didn’t really want to sit down to make new illustrations. I wanted to get things in order here. I wanted to get our house on the market. Yes, I long to be able to sit down at my drawing table again, but at this very moment there’s nothing I want to do more than do what needs to be done here in our house and family. With all my frustrated thoughts I was only resisting change. And even though I’m not much of  self-help book lover, these hours with Dyer and Katie really cleared my sky a bit.

So, if you find yourself struggling with agonising thoughts, I can really recommend a day stuffed with (household) chores while listening to Dyer and Byron’s audio book. It will help you grow back some common sense into your thinking and at the same time half of your problems are solved because you’ve done them mindlessly while listening.

Audio books, to me they are the invention of the century!!!  They turn every boring (household) chore into an event and are perfect company when painting or drawing. I’ve listened to numerous novels and children’s books this way. It’s awesome.