Here’s how it goes:

You take stuff you no longer use to this thriftstore and you get points for it. Then you can shop there with these points. A really great system! I took so much unused stuff with me that I will not be able to spend it for a long time. But they’ve really nice stuff there, so I’m pretty sure I’ll go back often. This time I felt awfully over the moon with my vintage glass salad bowls. I had broken my own the day before and felt pretty gutted over it. But this find made the pain way more bearable 😉

Except for these bowls,  managed to buy two gifts for friends, a ghastly pluche heart-shaped mirror (which is so ghastly that it’s charming for that reason!), a milk-foamer and a wee ceramic heart shaped Delft blue trinket box.

Thrifting is great fun. But even better when you can leave your purse at home!!! And with so many points left, I almost feel like I’m a rich girl!