If you ever get caught in an inspiration depression,


Simply sit down with some tools and some supplies and see what happens.
Even if all rubbish comes out of your hands, it’s good. It’s the start of a new flow of energy.
But I betcha! Nearly always something meaningful starts to happen in your hands…

“49 Stitches” Journal; details of pages coming to life

Should that not do the trick for you,

go to a festival!

Yesterday I went to Castlefest, a wonderful and exhilarating festival where extradinary is the norm. I knew I’d find a leather stall there to buy some leather for a few new journals or journal covers. But on meeting my friends Hein and Ingeborg from Drukgedoe (who binds wonderful journals/diaries!!! Go see!!!), I  learned that there was also this stall with bells… Bells…just bells…but such lovely bells! So, I got myself a few…just for fun! Just to remind myself that sometimes we need to do something just for the sake of it…dingelingeding!!!

Bells…just bells…but such lovely bells…

Being with friends, among so many not-so-everyday people, seeing, smelling and eating not-so-everyday things…it simply gets you out of that circle of thought you can be locked up in without even realising it. We simply sometimes create our own labyrinths in which it’s easy to get lost…we need to pan out to see where the exit is, so to speak. And festivals do just that for you! It doesn’t have to be huge…or very expensive…simply take a look at online calendars…there’s so much loveliness and liveliness out there!

Go be part of it!!!

So this morning I got out of bed all eager to work again. My head was oozing with ideas! I have plans to bind a few journals, have the inspiration for some art books, ideas for planning my exhibition and workshop for an Art festival later this month (Oeljebroelje, in Ellewoutsdijk) and finish some projects that I want to bring along…and much more, really! MUCH more!

Old Project that needs finishing with some new work!