Well, a long, long quest for illustration classes has ended. I’ve done a free trial e-mail lessno and it was really great! Better than I had expected and I had a lot of fun doing it.

Still…when I accidentally ran into an illustrator who teaches real life classes close by, I decided to choose that option for the upcoming semester. This teacher might take a leave for a year, though. So I am planning to enroll for the e-mail course this summer because I really need more training than one semester and perhaps it’s a good idea to be taught by more than one teacher. Every teacher focuses on different aspects, so that might not be too bad of an idea.

I promised to show my homework for the trial e-mail lesson, so here goes:

An illustration for a tiny poem about a girl wearing a dress of flower buds all opening when she walked into the sea:

Then there was a family of fantasy human figures to draw who all had to be in the right proportions for their gender and age, but who had to look like one another too to make their family bond obvious:

And then there was a human figure to be drawn in all the right proportions. First, I sketched bunches of these on 1cm quared paper and then I managed to draw this male figure by heart. When measuring it up, this guy was pretty much in ideal proportion. Too bad he needs plastic surgery on his left ear!

So, have I learned anything from this e-mail lesson? Yes, I have. It was really great to get some assignments. I love drawing, but when I tried to draw in order to help develop my skills, I was always a bit lost in the question ‘what to draw?’  So, I think this e-mail course is really great. And I can recommend it to anyone (only Dutch-speaking, I’m afraid) who wishes to learn to illustrate.