It’s been juggling with time…entertaining two girls in their X-mas break, running the household and “petting zoo”, making arrangements for da move and trying to make something of my sketchbook. The deadline’s not even a fortnight away anymore, so I really have to keep it up. It’s way more work than I would like, but I’m getting there.

Here’s pages 5 to 8 of my Sketchbook…

This really is the first time I’m drawing for a deadline and I like it. I consider this a good training.

I’m terribly frustrated with my scanner, though. It does a hellish job with watercolors and since they’re all I’m working with for this project, none of the scans comes out looking even a bit like the original. If it picks up any colors at all, it distorts them and makes them all bland. The scanner came with sophisticated software, for it’s said to be one of the best in its field. But with watercolors it doesn’t matter what adjustments I make. The light of the scanner is too bright and messes up the watercolors. Too bad!

Today another mover is coming by to estimate the cost of the enterprise. So, I’ve some cleaning up to do (the mess you get from having the kids home for two weeks!!!), some tidying and a lot of apologizing for the mess we have. hehe… And of course, there’s a lot of drawing for me to do after he’s gone. I hope I can sketch at least 4 more pages today…fingers crossed!

Oh, and before I go. If you’re looking to amuse yourself (and/or your kids), there’s a lovely new Disney film out there. In Dutch it’s called “Rapunzel” and it’s in the cinemas right now. The English title of the film is “Tangled” and I’m not sure if it’s still in the cinemas there. However, it is a really funny movie. I still don’t like the all-too-neat Disney animation, but this movie has picked up on other studios’ ability to make people laugh. For a non-Disney fan, I have to say that THIS movie, I really liked. The girls are nuts about it as well and are already putting the dvd on their birthday wish lists.