This morning
the sun came
Yellow roses…bathing in the sun
So, I chucked some laundry in the machine
took it out
and hung it outside to dry
Little ground spider web covered in tiny water drops…like seed beads
And as I bent and stretched
my eye fell on the Riches of our Garden
so beautiful
that I wanted to share
Zucchini flowering…shall I stuff and fry it?
The vegetable patch was showing off its energy
Zucchini flower
And it’s lush beauty
Growing our food
And providing a home
For the tiniest of creatures
Tiny ground spider trying to cope with the drops of water in its web
Mine wasn’t the only soul cherished by the sunshine
Here our aged lady lies enjoying the warmth on her fur
Moortje in the sun
And in all the nooks and crannies
I did great discoveries
Like this humongous fly
Over 3cm in length…or is it perhaps not a fly?
And back in the veggie patch
Tall green leaves whispered
Red candy was to be harvested…
Radish in the back…red beets in the front just popping up
Radishes ready to be harvested
They taste SO GOOD
I will have some in a salad today
But wait!
There’s more red candy!
Strawberries sweeter than ever bought
Waiting to be picked
What a treat! 
Even the light ones
are sweet…
Snow peas growing fast!
Fast growers are the snow peas
More sweeties on their way…
The only one
Not feeling so comfy in my patch
Was this sad cucumber
Cucumber sad, but blooming
So I gave it some TLC
And then noticed it was flowering
Modestly, but full of promise
Of fruit
But my patch also houses a dilemma
These huge snails live there too
And feed on my veggies
I don’t do killings 
(exept for mosquitoes whose stings make me ill)
But they are the greatest vandals
in my veggie patch
We could eat the snails, perhaps
If I liked them
But I don’t
Because I read these are the best snails
According to snail eaters
So unless anyone would like to try my snails
They will continue to be moved to public areas
in the neighbourhood
No poison, no killings
Our little pond
A month after the huge job
This is what our pond looks like
And home to many creatures
And since we love creatures
We even grow their food
Mosquito larvae
In the back of our garden
in the sun
we have three tubs of water
home to water flees
and tons of larvae
Especially the nutes like these little critters
And normally you don’t have to feed nutes
who came into your pond by choice
They wouldn’t have come
if there was not enough food
But since our pond is still so new
there are not many larvae and water flees in it yet
So we decided to help out this summer
But Isis likes catching the flees and larvae so much
that the tubs may be here to stay…