Merry Christmas to everyone!
To start off with some good news:
“SNOW” has been sold!
The entire proceeds will be going to this year’s Serious Request.
And then I can finally show you
what I was working so hard on the last weeks before Christmas…
A commission…a diptych…
“The Red Dress” – © Mandy van Goeije, 2012
watercolor and pastel
This was a challenging commission in that the requirements were no more than:
“spaciousness, depth, elegance and a touch of surrealism”,
no theme…
I think I did next to a hundred sketches
of which I felt this was the most fitting.
Fortunately, we agreed…
Even though it’s a simple painting,
it took me a long time to finish.
Painting for another is something competely different
from painting from within.
The latter comes without thinking,
simply “happens” in a natural flow.
Painting for somebody else
gets bugged with thoughts,
visions through the others’ eyes,
or rather, what I THINK the other would ‘see’.
Also, the process of ‘meaning’ was entirely different.
For a painting that comes from within,
always grows on that ‘meaning’,
a little thought that sparks it
a story spun around it during the sketching phase
rounded off into poetic verse while painting. 
For “The Red Dress” the process reversed.
I started with the conceptualisation of the “end product”
Some elements in that concept carried meaning
but not yet a complete story.
It was very interesting to see
that in the transition from loose sketch
to more defined sketch
to final sketch
and underpainting,
the story grew
and came to life nonetheless.
Although this time
it isn’t my story to tell
but the others’ stories to read into it.
But still,
I’m one of those
who believe that art
should best contain a story
or provide space to create one’s own.
With those thoughts I’m going to leave you
this Christmas.
Lots of stories have come together
in my sketchbook in the past few weeks.
And a lot of new paintings will come of that,
I’m sure.
I don’t know if I can hold my brushes still
for much longer…
They might just do the odd stroke
before this year’s past…