“A World on the brink of extinction” is what I ran into when I came across Jeannie Lynn Paske’s work.

Always on the lookout for artists I can learn from, I was rejoiced to find an artist working mainly in watercolour, ink and pastel who creates such beautiful images. There are many watercolour artists, but I rarely really like their work. Watercolour by nature has a tendency to make soft colours that are not very outspoken. And as a result much watercolour art isn’t very outspoken either. Only few artists seem to be able to take this medium past it’s most obvious style successfully.

But then Paske’s Obsolete World! Wow. Here is an artist who uses the simplest of watercolour techniques but does them so well and combines them so well with other media that she creates super strong and telling atmospheres, often with bold and earthly colours.

Her abstract figures are clearly influenced by Dr. Seuss, but Paske has shaved off the clownesquity but fully brings to life the apparentness of the existence of these figures. Their presence is so strong that what else would you expect? With very simple lines each abstract figure has been given an almost human character with very recognizable emotions and expressions, often of melancholy, sadness and a sense of being estranged, unheimisch.

Even though Paske shows us an abstract world that consists of a lot of emptiness, her images also strongly reflect situations in our daily world. In an interview with Folkradio Paske herself says: “I see similarities between the world around me and the used up world I’ve created. Sometimes I wonder if perhaps this obsolete world-or something similar- is the world that sits waiting in the shadows. We live in such a throw away society. It is disappointing to see the way humans often treat each other as well as the planet.”

After introducing Jeanny Lynn Paske as a watercolour artist, I must say I am not doing her justice. Maybe I should leave the ‘watercolour’ out and say that she’s simply a very talented artist. Period. Because even without colour her work is beautiful.

Artists are influenced by everything they see and experience. But every now and then something comes along that will have a lasting impact on their work. When I first saw the Obsolete World, I knew that Jeannie Paske would be such a something for me. It has made a lasting impression.

But now it’s time for you to stop reading what I think about her work and for you to go see her work for yourself. Because there’s tons more! Jeannie has a lovely website with a webshop, a blog that will keep you busy for a bit if you want to read it all and of course she has an Etsy shop, should you feel more comfortable buying on Etsy. I bought a large set of postcards from her work (that come beautifully printed, I can recommend them to you!) and am already looking for a spot on my studio wall to buy something bigger from her. And for those of you who dig seeing artists’ studios, here you can take a peak at Jeannie’s. Enjoy!