It can’t have escaped your attention that I was having computer trouble in the past 1,5 year. And even though it was never really fixed, I always managed to work around it somehow, hoping that one day I’d come across a solution.

Well, I didn’t. In fact, for some reason the computer has damaged its hard drive and now I can no longer scan, upload or print work anymore. In other words: I need a new computer.

So, what do you do? Go to a store, pick one up from the shelf and take it home?
Well, I thought I’d better not since I need the thing to work I figured I’d better order it from a supplier who also offers good service in case anything goes wrong. (Especially since THIS computer is one I picked up from a shelf and look what fun I had!)

So, last Friday I asked three local and smalls suppliers for a quotation. Hoping they’d be willing to sell. But guess what! It’s Wednesday and I haven’t heard from any of them yet. Not even a phone call or an e-mail thanking me for the request and a promise they’ll get to it asap. Nothing. Nada.

I’m beginning to get the creeps now. Because if it takes this long to get a quotation…then how long is it going to be before they deliver (should I order a computer from them)? Not an unimportant question now that the only thing that still works on my computer is Media Player and Explorer (through which I can read my e-mail…so no, I didn’t miss my mailbox!). Waiting this long for a response gives me doubts about the service a smaller supplier might provide.

I’m more than ready to start working and now that all hurdles were finally out of the way, it is frustrating that this new one turns up. I’ve never tried online delivery yet. A friend of ours ordered a computer a few years ago from Dell. He got delivered a computer with loose parts because they’d forgotten to fasten the screws. There was also a huge dent in one of the sides of the case and some parts were seriously damaged. He expected Dell to deliver him a new one, but they didn’t. Instead, they said that it was the responsibility of the mail company and left him with the problem. He never got any of the damage refunded. So, I learned from his dues…

So I guess I half have my eyes open for a computer supplier who sells from the shelf. I don’t feel like waiting for the quotations very much longer, to be honest!

[Been into town this afternoon and have two quotations in my mailbox. They’re both interesting for