Me and Gouache…love and hate.

I’ve always wanted to paint with gouache. I just love the velvety feel of it and I love how well it behaves for reproduction. And since watercolour’s always been “my” paint, I figures gouache wouldn’t be that much more difficult. I was wrong. Gouache was way more difficult. Or perhaps I wanted too much too quickly. But being mesmerized and crazy in love with Rebecca Dautremer‘s work who works mainly in gouache, I couldn’t stop trying…I want to be able to paint like that (eventually 😉 )

All attempts failed in my opinion. And at one point I even blamed my tools. So, I figured Rebecca Dautremer probably had better paint than me (!). The next holiday we went to…France! I made sure to look for an art store in a town near our camp site and bought some lovely artist’s quality gouache, resulting in a really nice stock of tubes and little pots.

Yesterday I was a bit ill and was looking on the internet for some painting demos. And guess what? I found a lovely video by Rebecca Dautremer:

I’d seen it before, but this time, I got it! And last night, I dreamt the entire process…so this morning my fingers couldn’t do much else than paint!

First I drew a simple face en profil and then took out the gouache. Here’s the process step-by-step:

Underpainting and choosing colour.

More layers added and a clearer definition of cool vs warm tones. Some shading added too, although this photo doesn’t show it…

Many more layers added….very thin ones, but at this stage thicker layers too. And I L♥VE it!!! Absolutely L♥VE it!!!

My Gouache Lady….I finally pulled it off! I’ll be doing this again and again and again….