A Fairy Tale Summer

Two years ago I took Carla Sonheim‘s online class The Year of the Fairy Tale. It was an immensely fabulous course, but I didn’t manage to finish all assignments in due time. This Summer Carla runs the course again in the form of a Fairy Tale Summer and all students from two years ago were invited back in. I sweeped aside some dust in my schedule for the two months to come so that I could squeeze it in and decided to hop straight in. I love fairty tales. And I’d love to illustrate one, some day. But illustrating a story or fairy tale is something entirely different from illustrating my life in my Art Journal. And even though I’m used to working on commissions where I follow customers’ wishes, drawing on the basis of a story requires different skills that need a bit of training. And that is exactly what I feel Carla Sonheim offers in her course. The presence of so many creative minds is a huge bonus. Often I see work passing by in the gallery that sky rockets my eyebrows…”Brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that?”

The Frog Princess

The first fairy tale we’re working on is The Frog Princess. No, not the one with the princess, the frog and the ball…the other one…the non-Disney one, the Russianone. I did a whole lot of drawing this week…exercise after exercise…and some mixed media. But then I rounded off this fairy tale with an illustration in my own style. The one you see above. I chose the moment that made a deep impression on me…the moment the prince finds out he must marry a frog! Imagine the disappointment and hopelessness of the situation! I think he actually looks a bit nauseated…

This Summer

So, I’ll be entering the Summer clad in fairy tales… But except for fairy tales I’m workin on a commission aaaaaand……a new course! I don’t know yet when it will be launched, but I hope it will still be Summer! What are your plans this Summer? Any art involved? If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out my recent Newsletter. It’s got some inspiration packed and two course discounts that last only until 1 July, so check it out if you’re looking for a creative challenge to get or keep you inspired!