Can you believe it? Now the four of us are all down with the flu!

As I’m coming ’round a bit again, my husband is falling ill. And the kids still both have a fever. They don’t feel very sick, fortunately, but their temperatures stay at a myseriously high level. It’s said it comes with this year’s flu epidemic. Poor things.

Sadly, I’ve had to decline friends’ offer to hop by today for a chitchat and a bite and I’ve had to cancel our final new year’s eve here in this house with friends as well. The flu won’t be out of our house before tomorrow evening, by the looks of it. It’s been a gloomy holiday week and I can’t help feeling a bit childishly and feet-stampingly angry about it every now and then. We had looked forward to a nice and cosy week to regain some energy and set ourselves straight for the big move. But alas, it wasn’t meant to be. But on the other hand, if we’re a bit lucky, once this dreary situation’s over, with all the busy weeks to come, we may be fortunate that we fell ill during our holiday and not right before or during the move. I’m keeping my fingers more than crossed!

And now, I’ve got to go back to my nursing duties for my youngest daughter is waging a fever-fed war on her playmobil nativity set. I think I’m going to have to try and save the “damned angel. She just won’t stand up right, the stupid thing!”

Oh, before I go; I painted the image above in watercolor (what else?), brand: Old HOlland. Yep. Old Holland does soft washes too. Although my scan is nowhere near as beautiful as the real thing. My scanner does a lousy job at watercolors, I must say.