We’re getting really close to the move right now. Things are getting packed (or rather: I’m packing them. If only…) and the new owners of this house were here today, measuring things up and just being very happy with the house. I’m doing last cleans ups and taking care of the administrative jobs that come with a move. It’s going fine really, but it’s so busy that I’m constantly thinking whether I’m not forgetting anything. And then there’s the emotional aspect. Seeing my youngest daughter’s little friend come out of school with a drawing of her and my daughter, all sad that her best friend is moving so far away…wow, that stabs! It makes me want to hide under my duvet until we’ve moved. The last day at school is getting closer and I just know it’s going to be one great sob! I know we’re going to enjoy live in our new home and that we’ll build up a life pretty fast there. It’s just that letting go is such a sob-ful event! And I’d so much prefer to be a really cool chick about this all. You know, like the women you see in the movies, facing forward 100%. Tough luck being born with a melodramatic nature, hehe.

Anyway. We’re doing fine. The tears simply are a part of the game. And they’re just beautiful tears that indicate we’ve managed to build up a good life. And that day in our new home town last week, showed us that our hard work so far has been a really good start for a new good life. And now that the Dutch weather institute has predicted an early, dry and warm spring, I am seriously looking forward to spending some time by the sea at least a few times a week!!!