Daylight savings…what a bug! Turning that clock one hour ahead makes my entire system confused. I’m hungry when it’s not time to eat, I’m tired when it’s not bedtime…and I wake up when it’s not by far time to wake up.

This morning it was funny, though.

When I woke up way too early, I heard one bird singing his lungs out. At 4.30, mind you! At first, because I heard only one, I thought it was an electronic toy of one of my girls playing a repetitive tune. But it was silet at the girls’ bedroom doors. When I opened my window, I found a starling in the tree right in front of my bedroom window calling out to the ladies at the top of his lungs…apparently pretty messed up by Daylight savings for other than his song, it was dead quiet in the darkness. There was no dawn to be seen, not even a glimpse of it. And yet the little bird crowed me awake.

Suddenly I felt totally giggly because of that stupid little fellow. So I left my bedroom window open and hid myself back under the duvet again. Another two hours to sleep left. Or rather…of course I couldn’t sleep anymore! I lay listening to his song, my ears and eyes wide open. And then his song was accompanied by another tune, and another…and within half an hour the world was ablaze with poised birdsong.

I liked it and my giggly mood stayed. But unfortunately the lack of sleep left me with sore and tight shoulders and a massive headache….

If that starling comes to my window again tomorrow, I’m going to ask him to wait with his song until my alarm sounds…