If you want to learn to draw;
Or if you want to learn to draw more freely;
And if you want to learn to see drawing as a creative process rather than a means of duplication in the two dimensional field, then this book really IS what you want to have.

I’ve been fortunate enough to take an online drawing class from Carla Sonheim. And even though I’d thought that it might not work so well doing something like that online, in this Silliness Class, it worked super! So, I’ve seen and done some assignments from the book already.

Still, from the moment this book fell onto my door mat a few weeks ago, I’ve been busy working from the book every now and then. Her assignments are so accessible and with great results that this is the one book in my book case that I pick up most easily and most frequently. These assignments are instant reward, as they form small steps to really great drawings. And they keep my hands and eyes moving  a lot!!! Real hand- and eye workout.

So, I’m not getting paid to promote this book, but it’s just that great!

So, go and order that book and happy drawing!!!