Okay. Are you sitting down?

So…I’ve been asked many times if I was going to start up new classes this fall. But I couldn’t say yes or now to that question. I had to keep you in the dark. Because…

My husband was working in getting a new job…far, far away from here…
And so, we are…

We’re putting our house for sale and we’ll be moving to the West! Back home. Back to the sea!

It is as happy as it is a sad event. I will dearly miss my friends here and our lovely house, which was finally ready.

BUT! On the up-side…we’ll be moving back to the sea! And I can’t wait to embrace those Sunday beach strolls and those lovely walks along the shores of Zeeland with the dogs, the wind, the skies, the salty skin.

So…am I teaching Art Journalling this fall? No, not in the flesh. BUT!!! Once our house is ready to be put for sale, I’ll start working on an online Art Journalling experiment for which you can enroll. A short online Art Journalling workshop. It will be available both in English and in Dutch!!! Each worksheet will contain a thinking exercise, a writing exercise and an Art exercise. And I’ll have an online gallery available to where every participant can upload their pictures.

* Both images above are Pacovska-based journal pages for which I used pen, ink, acrylics and color pencil.