See these weird clouds? They hung over our heads this morning, minutes before a thunderstorm broke loose. Initially we thought this was a natural phenomenon, but then it suddenly popped to mind that this were perhaps the holes that have been blown into the clouds by the ‘hail cannons”. I’m not sure, so I’ve emailed some photos to the meteorological institute and hope to get an answer today.

Here’s another one:

They almost look like ultrasounds, in those dark shades of grey…

My camera miserably failed to show the depth or height, as you will, of these holes in the clouds…but here’s a close-up:

Well, this is all for now. I’m going to sit back and enjoy the still rolling thunder. This really IS one thing I love about having moved back home. Where we first lived they don’t know thunderstorms like these where sometimes the windows even make a buzzing sound after a thunder and where thunders crack as if they tear open the sky. Over there the soil and the rivers around it prevent thunderstorms from blowing full over the place. Well, here, so close by the sea, we get the full load. But I grew up with it and have always loved the apocalyptic spectacle it makes. No time better to be by the sea when a huge thunderstorm is going on over it. Sitting in your car watching all those flashes of lighting around you…it’s beautiful.

But I bet an old neighbour of mine would be in her storage room by now…she was so scared of thunderstorms that with the first rumble, she’d hide in the storage space under the staircase!!! And I’m not lying, nor exaggerating.

Well, as the thunders are rolling on, I feel the temperatures lower and my energy level rising simultaneously. So, I’m going to treat a friend to some tea and then get painting…