After making a bunch of stencils 
(for which I’ll be posting a video how-to next week)
I decided to try making a few texture plates with foam this afternoon.
I worked by the instructions of this video:
Unfortunately, the kids’ pattern scissors weren’t sharp enough
to cut through the foam.
And the foam was too thick to use in our punches.
But…with a little hard work
I got a long way…
And these foam plates turn out to be even more versatile than stencils.
So, it’s well worth the effort.
And again, making these yourself
saves bucketloads of money.
And isn’t it nice how nobody else has these plates?
I couldn’t get enough of printing with them.
Again, a small selection of this afternoon’s prints with my texture plates:
This one was printed by pressing a texture plate onto a ghost of the same texture plate…slightly out of registration.

This print consists of many layers of ghosts, topped off with a thin coat of cobalt blue printed with a stencil.

I’m beginning to steer colour…and I’m taking to more subte colour combinations…I love these “pebbles”.

This was one of the first prints…rather in-your-face colour combo. But a great way to give it a try. Love how the purplish blue makes a shade “under” the pebbles.

This one is much better IRL than on the photograph and makes an absolutely wonderful background just to write on. A poem, a journal page…it’s just screaming for some text!

Love this colour combination…it’s bold and subtle at the same time. A good background to paint some faces on…

Now…I don’t like this one very much…lots of layers. And still it wasn’t pretty. So I printed some silver over it…and liked it better. But it’s still not great. I might print over this one again…maybe with some solid white, masking out certain areas…just to try.

Again…the pebbles…Guess I liked these a lot! I like how these seem to be floating in the air..with the white edge resembling the reflection of light…

This one is absolutely mouthwatering pretty. It doesn’t half show just how pretty it is in this picture. But it’s lovely. Printed with a silver ghost with a light layer of black onto it…sooooo lovely. This would make a wonderful paper for paper piecing in an illustration…

This was a failure…until I printed silver over it…all the layers below the silver shine through…

This is the first print I did with texture plates. The simplest one of all. Simply rolled some red paint onto the gelli plate, then pushed in a texture plate, took it out and then printed this on some paper…simple, but lovely!