The sun is finally peeping through the clouds! As I am peeping through my clouds of absence…so I have news!!!

Taratataaa….[drums, please]…

At the end of this summer…the beginning of fall, so September and October…there’s going to be an online art journaling workshop…and it’s going to be all about art journaling and watercolour. And it’s going to be sooooooo good and colourful.

You’re going to be learning techniques with watercolour you’d never have thought considered…and you’re going to learn to mix watercolour with a gazillion or so different media. We’re going to do anything but work with watercolour in the traditional style! If you want softness, you can do softness….but if you want bold, extravagant and screaming colours to fit your mood and soul…my workshop is going to be the place to be!

Interested? As of next week I’ll regularly post watercolour eye candy…and somewhere next week I’ll publish more information about my workshop on my website.

There’s going to be videos, a group gallery, real time chats, personal feedback and more information on working with watercolour than you can possibly ask for…it’s going to be sooooooo great! I’ve been brooding on this idea for a long time now and I can’t wait to get started. I’ve created such yummy stuff for the workshop that I can’t wait to share it with you guys.

So, come see my website next week for more information!!! Looking forward to seeing you here!