I had almost forgotten about it…but last year I was invited to contribute a journal page to an inspiring book about Art Journaling. Today the book was delivered to my door…and I can’t but say that I’m pleased…very pleased with the book.

Not only does my own page look great, but the book itself is a real treasure of inspiration…for everyone who’s interested in Art Journaling, really. Even for experienced artists and journalers there’s something to be found in the book. It’s personal accounts of why and how people journal, it’s a mass of links to interesting sites and there’s a lot of how-to in the book…not in a step-by-step explicit style…(but between you and me…I feel that being creative is all about filling in the white space between the lines with your SELF…) but with great tips and lovely images. There’s quite a few styles I can’t wait to start fiddling around with myself after reading the book!

So…I’m really chuffed to be in a book I can warmly recommend!

Oh, you want the details of the book? Hehe…of course! How silly of me to forget…here goes:
Art Journal Kickstarter