Okay, so I’ve decided to become an early adopter and order an ereader. I read in bed every night before sleeping and when the ereaders were introduced I immediately saw light and space come into my overcrowded and stuffed bookcase. So many books that I enjoyed reading, but of which I wondered if they were really worth keeping. But throwing away a book is blasphemy to me. So I kept them all. Well, when my ereader’s home, I’m going to give my bookcase a very thorough inspection. I’ll probably be selling many books soon. I’m also selling all my jewelry making and polymer clay books!!! So, if you’re interested, keep track of my blog, for I’ll be posting about it.

By the way, I’m still considering selling my stamps, creative stuff and books on an auction site. But I’ve also been thinking about opening a free and ready-made online shop for the occasion. What do you think is wisdom? Where would you buy sooner?

Clearing out my house and create space. I guess that is a major theme in my life right now. I even don’t spend as much time in my Art Journal these days. But it’s well worth the sacrifice, for it’s all intended to create more workspace and focus. After the summer I intend on working professionally on two projects. In a real workweek. With real working hours. So, before then I need to clear my head, my house and create room for focus. In my opinion, this ereader can be a really nice tool to help. I’m already composing an SD card full of important documents about Art Journalling and creative development. Because I can use this ereader perfectly for work as well.

I doubt that many drawings will come off my hands the coming weeks. I hope I’ll be able to do the Illustration Friday themes at least. And maybe some journal pages. But I’ll be busy clearing out, reorganising our administration (I’m lagging behind 12 years!!! Just have these gigantic cardboard boxes filled with papers that still need sorting. It’s planned for the coming Monday and Tuesday.

And soon it will be summer holiday. Then my girls will be home for 6 weeks…and they’ll keep me busy enough. So, I’ll do my best to show some signs of life every now and then, but I’m thinking this blog will be low in activity the coming 8 weeks or so.