Ever since we’ve known we’re moving Westwards, I’ve been having these circular thoughts about my new workplace. We’ll have to start all over again, and transform a garage into a studio! That means we’ll have insulate walls, floor and roof, place two large windows, a central heating system and a staircase to the studio attic (YES! YES! I’m going to have room for storage so that I can have a really neat and tidy workplace!!!). I’m going to put a small kitchenette with warm water in it for rinsing my brushes. I dare not think of clumsy me walking about the house with a jar of india ink polluted water in a jar and brushes still wet with ink…bet you’d be able to follow my trace to the kitchen! So…

…I’m thinking of this Ikea kitchenette (without the electric cooking plate)…small, but functional and how much kitchen do you need in a studio anyway?

Other than the major things about my new workplace, I didn’t really know how I wanted the place to look. I’m rather messy and cluttery, so I’d really like a rather empty space to stop myself! Or empty, well, that’s impossible being me. But a calm and quiet place to work…so I was thinking “white”. But I didn’t get any further in my thoughts. So I printed dozens of pictures of art studios I found online and glued them into my diary, commenting on every picture why that particular art studio had attracted my attention. What I liked or hated about it.

It has proved to be a really good instrument to get clear what it is that I want. Because after about 20 studios the picture in my mind grew really clear…it’s going to be white and bright, my art supplies behind doors, empty spaces on the wall for art and an inspiration board, and a wooden floor. A recycled wooden floor. I’m not sure yet where to get that, but I’m looking for a floor that looks used and lived. And I’m NOT going to treat the floor with oil, wax or paint. I’m going to let the wood live and look all used. And stains on the floor? Well, those will just be proof of my work…they’re welcome to stay. And I’m going to put only my drawing and painting materials and my bookbinding materials in my studio. And of course I’ll be having a bookcase in my studio…with tons of beautifully illustrated books and how-to art books. All the rest will go to the storage room!!! I can’t wait to see how that looks. I bet it’s going to be workable. I’m just a bit fed up with this daily mess:

I feel so uninspired by my cluttered work room. I don’t work in my attic anymore these days. I don’t have time for big projects anymore and since I have only short time spans to spend, I prefer to spend them downstairs in our little study. But I hate how crowded it is. It’s convinced me to pay a whole lot of attention to how I want to furnish my next studio. Because I really want to WORK there. So it must be an inspiring environment for me and for people who come Art Journalling with me.

I’m even going to try and have separate tables for my computer and my handwork. The internet is SUCH a massive and luring temptation that it often sucks me away from my work, or keeps me from it. And right now I have the excuse of needing to turn on my computer to hear the radio, but I’ve decided I’m going to buy a second-hand stereo set. I’m really going to try and work with used goods as much as I possibly can! Except for the two sets of drawers I’m going to buy from Ikea. And perhaps the kitchenette, if I can’t find that one second-hand. But that’s it. I like the idea of leaving as little an ecological footprint as possible.

Before I post my entry, I wanted to show you the trees I photographed this weekend:

I loved how the sun lit the white of the trees and made them stand out so beautifully…