I must admit that due to the heat here, I haven’t been able to work as hard as I would have liked to, but I’m still clearing out.With a clear goal in my mind I feel so much like working on it. So, first I”m clearing out my studio to sell everything I haven’t used in years. And after a thorough re-arranging and clean up, I’ll get back behind my drawing table and start on my portfolio and a children’s book. I can’t wait until all the stuff’s gone!!! And I have vowed to myself that I shall never buy as much anymore. That I’ll only buy what I use at THAT given moment. Not the stuff I think I might put to good use on a yet unknown date in the distant future. Boy, what a collection I have!! But clearing out has made me see even clearer that I need only my drawing and painting stuff and my bookbinding materials.Today I photographed all my art stamps. I’ve already sold a quarter of them. Friends and acquaintances have stopped by and taken some. I’m expecting a few more people to rummage through my collection for some bargains and then I’ll be putting them for sale on the internet. If you feel like a rummage, let me know…Now, gotta go…more clearing out to do! Later!