I might not be around for a bit…”might” because I’m not sure yet.

The thing is…I have these spring tickles! So, my eyes are preying on unused toys and clutter…my eyes have looked my husband into the shed to clear it…my eyes are pulling me into the garden for a major revamp…and our wardrobes need their semi-annual change again…clear out winter clothes to make room for our spring and summer clothes.

All in all…with the limited amount of time I have available, I won’t have as much time to draw and write, I’m afraid. And yet I”m not sure I won’t be around here often at all. Because sometimes, when I’m busy clearing out, I get all this inspiration and energy…and sometimes it is in rollercoaster weeks such as these that I produce more than in any other time.

I cannot make a promise…we’ll just have to wait and see…

At any rate…in case that I’m not around here a lot, I wish you a very happy spring and easter time!!!